Top 5 Beauty Products for Travel

Traveling can be an amazing experience, and everyone always has their own tips and tricks they use when they travel. Here is a list of 5 beauty related products that I never travel without.

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1. Travel Containers

So these are not actually beauty products, but they help for packing them! These are great for when you have beauty products, shampoo/conditioner, lotions..etc that are over the 100ml.

I always fly with carry on bags, so this saves having to buy travel sized versions of all my favourite products.

While not all of you will need this as you might check your bags, I always find them incredibly helpful in making sure I can pack everything I need.

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2. Hair Oil

If you have dyed hair, or have hair that dries out easily, hair oil can be a life saver.

If I’m using hotel products that are different from the ones I use at home, it can dry out my hair completely – especially after being on a plane. My hair turns into a hot frizzy mess!

This is where hair oil helps. I just put a few drops in my hand and run my fingers through the ends of my hair. Now you can bring along any type of oil that works best for you, but I will usually pack my Josie Maran Argan Oil.

Alternatively as a cheaper option , coconut oil works wonders. It works just as well, plus it smells amazing!

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3. Dry Shampoo

Similarly to item number 2, I will never, ever, travel without my dry shampoo.

When you are traveling and on the go, it makes it so easy to just spritz this into your hair to feel and look instantly refreshed.

I find that my hair won’t wash the same way as a result of the water being different in different countries, as well as the change in quality of shampoo/conditioner. Having this makes sure that your hair always looks clean and fantastic even after a long day of travel.

Now there are many different brands that sell dry shampoo, but I find that the Batiste dry shampoo works best for me. It’s affordable, and can be bought at most local drug stores.

If you want a more expensive option, the Bumble and Bumble Prêt-à-Powder is another fantastic product. However rather than a spray, it comes in a powder form that you sprinkle on and brush through your hair.


4. Chapstick

Flying always dries out my skin, especially my lips. I always pack a super intensive repair lip balm so that I can be sure my lips feel smooth and soft.


5. Hydrating Facial Mist

Last but not least, I always pack a facial mist of some sort to keep my skin feeling healthy and moisturized. You can spritz it over your face before bed, or in the morning before doing your makeup.

I find this keeps my skin looking super glowy and especially after a lot of flying, prevents it from looking dull and dry.

You can find this at your local drug store, I usually use Avène Thermal Spring Water. Another great product is Lush’s Eau Roma Water, which also doubles as an all natural toner.


What beauty products do you never travel without? Let me know in the comments.





One thought on “Top 5 Beauty Products for Travel

  1. Thanks for the tips! I love that Batiste comes in a travel size too!!
    As for my go to travel products (apart from hand sanitizer) it’s a rollerball of travel size perfume and a sample size of eye cream. I keep these in my purse and after a long day out or flight I dab on some eye cream and perfume. Makes me feel much better.
    Keep up the great posts!!


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