Best Apps for Traveling in London

Traveling in a new city always has its challenges. Majority of people depend on their phones versus an actual map for direction. When you are on the go, travel apps are perfect tools to easily navigate your way around town.

These two applications I find are the most helpful when I’m trying to find out how to get from my hotel to Carnaby Street.


1. Citymapper

The Citymapper app is free, and provides information about public transport in London. It gives you up to date information about traffic along with multiple route options.

It also provides taxi fare rates and even the amount of calories burnt from travel!

tube map.jpg

2. Tube Map – London Underground Routes

This app gives you all of the information you need to figure out how to travel by Tube in London. It’s super convenient because it works both on and offline (saving you from racking up those data bills!).

There are so many different Tube lines and stations which can get confusing if you aren’t familiar with the system. Using the app helps you to plan out your tube ride easily, and also lets you know live times of departure for the tubes.

What applications do you like to use when traveling? Let me know in the comments.