Travel or School? Why not both?

Millennials are always talking about a great desire to travel, to explore, and to go on adventures; “wanderlust”, they call it. Whether you are in school or working, traveling the world has its appeals.

To those that are in school however, it can be difficult to chose between the perhaps more practical option of gaining more “hireable” skills by continuing your degree and the not so practical option of putting school off in lieu of exploration.

With this, I offer you an alternative – why not do both?

Post-Graduate school abroad, or even a semester of your bachelor degree on exchange, can provide you with the experience of living in a new city and in a new culture. Not to mention, with the added bonus of still continuing your education.

Often it is even easier to explore new places while you are abroad, places that you wouldn’t have necessarily been able to visit otherwise.

While school and travel may be hard work, it can offer you a new experience in which you can challenge and push yourself to new limits and new discoveries that can change your life.